Safe, Economical And Professional Services
With own railway line in factory, saving domestic costs from factory to port.
Now, hainan starry have developed into a comprehensive enterprise with storage, trading, logistic, special vehicle maintenance, and precision equipment manufacturing, and became the benchmarking enterprises of chemicals products in central China.
Professional Transportation Services
Chemical factories having their own transportation services ensures the safe transport and timely supply of hazardous chemicals, enhancing production efficiency and reducing risks.
Comprehensive Delivery Services
The company's personnel have undergone professional system training and have rich experience in operating services. There are as many as 100 vehicles in operation, which not only allows customers to experience professional transportation services, but also provides the most powerful guarantee for the safe and smooth shipment of customers' goods.
Huge Service Network
Zhengzhou Tongcheng Logistics Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Batong Chemical Group and is still quite famous in the domestic transportation industry. It has a huge service network, and its high-coverage and efficient services have been recognized by many companies and institutions.
Timely Delivery Service
Since the establishment of the company, various distribution networks have been established, with fast delivery and timely delivery, and sincerely provide freight colleagues across the country, door-to-door service and self-pickup, special car delivery, payment on delivery, freight collection, cargo storage, remote location. A variety of services such as cargo transfer, transit to surrounding areas, etc.
One-Stop Style Service.
The company will provide you with safe, economical and professional services with the most professional spirit. The company adheres to the principle of customer-centered, reputation for survival, service for development, doing everything I can, and sincere service, providing customers with "safe, fast and thoughtful "delivery-transportation-delivery" all-round one-stop style service.
Learn About BATONG Integrated Services Through Video
Batong Group become a comprehensive chemical trade platform integrating sales, warehousing, logistics and transportation, and international trade. Zhengzhou Batong Industrial Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 29 million RMB. Our total operating income in 2020 has beyond 1.5 billion RMB. We are aimed at providing professional and efficient solutions to global customers.
HAINSN starry is an integrated chemical liquid service provider from sales to transportation and trade
Three chemical railway berth connection line
Over 100K tanks filed stock capacity
With its own chemical logistics company and over 60 chemical liquid tank truck